The Cost Of Dog Surgery

The Cost Of Dog Surgery

nn20130227f2bIt can be stressful to know that your dog needs surgery. You might not be sure what to expect or even what it will be like. You could be nervous that your dog won’t do well with it. In a lot of cases people are also worried about the cost and how they are going to be able to pay for it.

It is important that you know what the costs will be before the surgery happens. You don’t want to end up surprised after it is over. Go over what to expect with the veterinarian and then you should know what you will end up paying and what those costs are for.

A lot of common surgeries will have a specific cost depending on where you are getting it done. Other, not so common ones will be different. This is why it is important to look into it. Sometimes they won’t be able to tell you the total cost until right before the surgery.

If you find that you can not afford the surgery or that you won’t be able to afford surgery in the future, it would be a good idea to look into pet health insurance. You would pay a specific amount each month and then if needed, the insurance would help you pay for any future surgeries. You might not be able to use it for the current surgery.

The benefit of this is so that you don’t have to pay as much for your dog’s health care. You should think long and hard about it though since the insurance might not take care of everything. It just depends on what they cover and what situations you might be in with your dog in the future.

The best way to decide on if you should get it or not is find out what it covers and think about what your dog might need. This will allow you to see if it will save you any money and how much. Then you can decide if it will be worth it.

Another option for paying for the costs of dog surgery is to set up a savings account. You can pull from it when you need to and you know it will always be there. Just make sure to add money to it every month.

You can also shop around at the different pet hospitals to see if the costs are very different. Make sure you know what reputation each of them have. It won’t do you any good to go to the cheapest place if they do not have a good track record.

Basic planning and research can go a long way in paying for the costs of dog surgery. Do what you can to figure out how you will pay for it before it becomes a factor. That way, when it comes up you will know what to do and won’t be trying to figure it all out while stressing out about your dog’s health.

Effective Dog Shampoo For Lice

What Is An Effective Dog Shampoo For Lice?

img_1791Most dogs never contract lice in their life, especially if they are regularly groomed and they live in a clean environment. However, it is possible for a dog to come in contact with lice and to spread it to other dogs. This is why, even if your dog is always well-groomed, it can get lice from the other dogs in the park or from the grooming instruments. The diagnosis of dog lice is made with ease, by observing lice or their nits in the hair. The adult insects are flat, they have six legs and no wings. The nits look like white dots attached to the individual hairs.

It’s worth mentioning that dog lice aren’t harmful. Nonetheless, they are annoying and itchy, so you should help your dog get rid of this pest as soon as possible in order to avoid skin irritations caused by intense scratching. Some dogs may experience massive hair loss, especially around the ears, on the neck and on the groin. Their coat may become scruffy and dry, so you are going to know something isn’t quite right.

An effective dog shampoo for lice is the one that kill all the insects, as well as their eggs. There are some natural dog shampoos which are very effective, a good example being the Tropiclean Oatmeal Shampoo. It is enough to bathe your dog using this shampoo and leave the lather on the hair for about 10 minutes. In order to kill all remaining eggs, you can rinse your dog with a natural lemon solution. The biggest challenge is to get rid of the eggs that are attached to hair follicles. They need some manual work from your side, as they need to be loosened with your fingertips prior to eliminating them completely. Mayonnaise seems to be a good remedy. You can massage it into the hair of your dog and then wash it away with a good shampoo.

Anyway, nits that can’t be removed are going to hatch, so you should repeat the treatment weekly in order to eliminate all parasites as they come.

If such methods fail, you can treat your dog with special insecticidal sprays or with products such as selamectin and fipronil. Beware that you might find them under different brand names, so always ask the vet to recommend you some of these products. Nonetheless, shampoos are better, because they are less harmful. Sensitive dogs and puppies may not react very well to these chemicals, so you should always follow the vet’s directions closely in order to avoid creating more problems.

You may also need to shave your dog’s fur in order to make sure of removing even deeper lice and nits. This is probably a good preventative measure, so you should consider doing it anyway. Additionally, you need to carefully disinfect all grooming tools and to dispose of your dog’s bedding. You also need to clean and disinfect all places where your dog uses to spend time, including the flooring, rugs and furniture.

Healthy Dog Treats


Healthy Dog Treats

A loving pet owner should be aware of the right food treats for their dogs. Treats can be used for many purposes. On some occasions, the treats can be given as a token, to appreciate them during their training, or even give them something to enjoy as a friend. Regardless of the case, it is essential to know about their preferences.

There are several ways dog treats can be used to enhance and maintain the health of your dog. one of the pre-dominant methods is cleaning and preserving their teeth. Some of the treats are chewable, prompting them to use their teeth. These will essentially help to clean their teeth. Such treats include rawhide snacks and bones, which offer a great way to keep their jaws strong and their teeth clean.

Different breeds have different food favorites. However, the main problem with the commercially made dog treats is the fact that they are loaded with too much sugar and fats. Such ingredients are commercially used to make the various brands irresistible to dogs and promote their sales. However, they may cause caloric breakdown for your pet, therefore, choose the dog treats wisely.

If you are still now aware of which treats to go for, you can give your dog some natural foods that are made from natural ingredients. You can even make your own pet treats. Ubiquitous natural ingredients such as celery and yams can be used to make some crunchy treats for your dog. The main idea here is to avoid sugar, chocolate, grapes, raisins, etc and you should not include them in the pet foods. They can literally make your pet sick.

Make sure that any type of snacks or treats you give your pet is healthy. Some breeds of dogs are naturally meat eaters, and protein is their main requirement. You can find many treat in the market in different forms. They come in form of biscuits, nuggets, and even strips. Be sure to include vitamins and minerals in the snacks. These are very essential to the health of your dog.

You can find dog treats in the pet section of your local stores, or the local pet store. Ensure that you go through the ingredients list to make sure that the treats have the right amount of nutrients, and have little amounts of sugars, if any, and that there are no added chemicals. Since there will be inevitably some small amounts of chemicals in these products, it is advisable that you stick with the natural products and go for these treats occasionally.

The best way to give your dog a nutritious treat is by making them on your own. Always remember that a balanced diet will not only keep your dog healthy, it will also save you many trips to the veterinary. Keep the diet at around 40% meat, 30% veggies, and 30% starch, with only exceptions in these categories for the vegetarian diet.

Dog treats are widely available regardless of the preferences of your dog. You can even make these by yourself. Keep in mind that the dog is dependent on you to be healthy and happy. Make the right choices.

Treating Your Pet

Treating Your Pet Homemade Dog Toys To

Having a dog means making sure that it is fed and cared for, along with a healthy dose of exercise and play time. Even though there are a lot of dog toys that you can buy at your local pet store or through a vendor online, there are a number of different toys that you can make for your pet at home. You may actually find that there are several items that you already have kicking around your house that are just right for use as homemade dog toys.

Many pet owners today are finding that rather than purchasing new toys all of the time, they can make their own that will be just as good, if not better than those that are store bot. Of course, depending on what you make and how destructive your dog might be will play a major role in how long these dog toys are able to last. Either way, dog toys are crucial and a nice way to keep your dog occupied while saving items around the home from getting chewed up while you are away.

If you happen to have an older pair of jeans laying around that you were getting ready to doss, you can use them to make a fun and sturdy dog toy. Simply cut the jean material into four identical squares and then lay them out. Stitch them together as a cube so that you can stuff it with something that is noisy or crackles. This could be an old water bottle, cellophane or a combination of both. Once stuffed, stitch up the last side and you are set to go. You can also add some extra stitches to make sure that the toy is nice and sturdy and the size of the cube can be altered to match up with the size of your dog.

Either collect some old tennis balls or buy a package of new ones, then take one and cut the ball from east to west about half of the way through. When you squeeze it, the ball with open where you can add in some treats once it is chewed and squeezed by your dog. This is a fun stimulation toy that you can also use mixed in with a game of fetch that your dog is sure to love.

If you happen to have some older dish towels or bath towels at home, you can cut them into strips according to the size that you need and use them to make rope toys. For larger dogs, think about using a longer bath towel cut into strips that you can tie more than one knot in. This is a great toy that you can use to play a bit of tug of war with your dog, or if you have multiple dogs they can play with the rope toy together.

The more that you look around your home, the easier it will be to find different items that you can use to make fun and safe homemade dog toys for the four legged family members in your life.